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Endlich geschafft! Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: 1,3 Abschlussnote für 30 Credits – bedeutet 1,8 Gesamtnote vom Masterabschluss. Yeah!

Falls jemand fragen zu dem Thema der Arbeit hat kann er diese gerne an mich richten (siehe Kontakt). Alles an Informationen, die nicht durch die Geheimhaltungserklärung verweigert werden müssen, kann ich gerne mit euch teilen. Für offene Diskussionen bin ich generell bereit.

Kurzum, dies ist der Titel und das Abstrakt der Masterthesis:

(für eine deutsche Zusammenfassung könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben, jedoch wurde die Thesis generell in englischer Sprache verfasst, weshalb ich hier auch den Titel und das Abstrakt in Englisch aufführe)


Abstract: Challenges of industry are increasingly determined by satisfying the customer due to cost reduction, shorter delivery times and an increasing flexibility as well as quality. This offers challenges for the production to fulfil the requests and to stay competitive on the market and thus profitable. To restructure own processes and improving the usage of own capacities enable companies to enhance production efficiency.

Therefore methods are developed to perform the restructuring process and finally to achieve an improved production performance. These are idealised by lean management principles to reduce not value added actions within a production process and to act customer orientated within each process step. It is mainly designed for series manufacturing but main aspects have also its relevance at a special machinery manufacturer as Windmöller & Hölscher KG to improve the production performance.
To achieve an optimisation of an individual goods production performance the current state needs to be identified. Therefore a selected assembly process is captured by a continuous study for an evaluation of findings and the detection of potentials. This is done by a systematic procedure suggested by REFA as one of the leading associations for designing working stations and to develop approaches for improvement. This is mainly addressed by recording time values of a process.
Diverse key findings in terms of inefficiency are found at the preparation, run and data analysis of a performed study during this project. The execution of the study results a basis for significant processing time reduction and quality increasing by offering verifiable potentials. As a result challenges are clustered and referred to improvement operations. Revising assembly devices, developing a tools concept and implementing a daily introduction has most influence as short term operations and demonstrate their benefits after implementation. A developed layout structure for one assembly station offers feasible and significant benefits. Thus not value added activities are minimised and a standard for further implementations is set for the company.
Static results are confirmed by a dynamic simulation of process steps to record the performance over time in different scenarios of suggested improvements.

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